Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This Isn't My Country Anymore

I'm not usually one to journey into hard politics on my blog. My page is designed for jokes, and I also write about disabilities.

Today, I'm going to write about my country.

More specifically? How I'm being lied to in the name of, "what's good for the country".

Now, I'm sure people will assume that I'm going to write about either Trump, or Clinton. I will talk about them, too. They're just not the biggest problem we're struggling with right now. We have a far more insidious threat to this country right now.

It's the media. And by "media", I mean not only actually the news outlets, but social media as well.

These are the trending items that I woke up to this morning on Facebook. I want you to pay close attention to how many people are talking about each item. If you notice, "Gloria Alfred" is the top trending item on Facebook. Notice that she only has 12,000 people talking about her. Yet, she is the top choice on "trending items". Why is that, exactly?

Now, I'm sure if you were to ask Facebook, they'd have many reasons as to why this is on top of the trending items. They'll say because it's trending quickly. Or perhaps they'll say that what trends on Facebook is based on my profile. All somewhat valid arguments.

Here's what I do know: placement matters. Statistically, people pay more attention to the first few line items on both searches and lists. Google knows this, which is why it offers businesses the chance to pay for their web pages to be at the top of internet results.

I actually did a short stint at a company that operated a job site. One thing you were able to do was place your resume at the very top so that employers would see it first. Employers don't start at the bottom. They start at the top.

So, let's look a little bit more at what has the highest number of people "talking" about it:

The first item would be Melania Trump. Specifically, her "trolling" of the Clintons by wearing a shirt with a very interesting name. Second would be Anderson Cooper, and his drilling of Donald Trump during the last debate. By comparison, Bill Clinton is the 5th item down, despite it having more people talking about it than the top three items combined.

This is a common phenomenon. When the Trump video leaked, I noticed that Wikileaks, which had one million people talking about it? Was at the dead bottom. To be fair, they eventually moved it up. Still, I never saw it become the top trending item on my Facebook page. This was despite it having more people talking about it than any other single item on Facebook.

Now, I'm sure that people who read this will say that I'm a "conspiracy theorist". I'm also sure I'll be told I'm a horrible Trump supporter. I'm neither, for the record.

I'm a right fighter, and I don't enjoy being lied to.

Trump is an inflammatory, big mouthed misogynist. If you don't believe that? Then I have some swampland in the desert to sell you. He is a horribly flawed person. With that being stated, so is Clinton. She is a horribly flawed, corrupt person.

And the media knows this. And they use every tool at their disposable to make sure Clinton's flaws are kept out of the public eye as much as possible. And this isn't a conspiracy theory, either. It's been proven. Not only does the media assist her in looking as clean as possible, but her own political party, which is supposed to be neutral towards all candidates running? Well, we know they're not. They openly conspired against someone she was running against.

In those same emails that show the DNC colluding with Clinton's campaign? We see major news outlets sending articles to the Clinton camp before the articles are even sent to the paper's editor. We see news outlets sending information about running mates and opposition to the Clinton Campaign.

And this behavior still continues today.

I watched the CNN debate on Sunday. I watched three people debating Trump. Following that, I saw a "focus group" of undecided voters. Unfortunately, the reporter running that "focus group" got caught on a hot mic (aren't those a bitch) priming an "undecided" on what to say. She gently reminded the voter what to say, and then I sat and watched the "undecided" voter regurgitate exactly what the reporter had just said to her.

Don't get me wrong. Along with the Huffington Post "articles" on how small Trump's hands are, I see conservative outlets doing the same thing. I recently saw an article about Obama using offensive language. Well, he WAS using offensive language. He was also reading a passage from his book that was about a conversation with someone else. So, many conservatively minded outlets do the same thing.

That being said, conservative news sources don't have the voice that the "liberal media" does. They don't control the media as a whole. They don't control Facebook's trending items. In fact, most things conservative outlets write about aren't taken very seriously. Which is why when they post something like Wikileaks, which should be incredibly damaging to the Clinton campaign? It's buried.

In the recent drop from Wikileaks? Clinton literally said that she has a public face that she shows the American people, and a private face that she shows to Wall Street. One million people were talking about it. Not at the top of the page. Not discussed by most media outlets. Virtual media black-out.

This is NOT my America. The mainstream media doesn't have a right to make their own narrative and force me to swallow it. We are not a state-run media source. They have a responsibility. The media has a responsibility to report on ALL news. Not just the news that fits into their narrative.

Lying by omission is still lying. If you have some damaging information on a candidate, and you refuse to write about it because of who they are? You're a huge part of the problem. And no matter how noble you feel your intentions are? You're still not giving people the choice to make their own decisions based on all the information.

Hate Trump. Hate Clinton. Or love them with all your heart. I don't care. Just hold the media accountable for how they present the news. Don't allow them to tell you who you should be voting for.

This is not what I want for MY country. Do you?