Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last day of school!!! Yay???

Well, it's about that time! Time for me to slip off those yoga pants, and to actually shave those legs PAST the knee.

That's right! It's summer break!!!

Today is C's last day of school until August. Of course, that doesn't mean we won't have a busy itinerary for her, only that she won't be going to early intervention services with the public school this summer. She'll hopefully have ABA therapy starting soon, and I have a Case Manager coming over next week to discuss services as a result of her getting the ECDC waiver. Mostly involves respite care, I believe.. which I'm less interested in. It would be nice if they could help me lock down my house like Fort Knox since I've got such a dedicated little runner.

I've read many comments on various special needs pages about the struggles of dealing with the public school system. I have to honest, for the most part? Nothing but a delight working with the SPED department. They evaluated my daughter pretty quickly, and she was in early intervention within a few months. To add, she (C) JUST had her appointment with her Developmental Pediatrician In April, and I actually contacted both the school and the doctor at the same time. It was around a 6 month wait. That's why I think it's wise to contact both the schools and the doctor, if applicable.

Still, I wanted to talk about why early intervention services are so stinking important. The truth is that in only about 6 months, I've seen a tremendous difference in my daughter. When she first started school, her speech really wasn't there at all. In fact, they had to administer the module for non-verbal children when testing her for autism. Now, I would liken her speech to that of a two year old. As a point of reference, she'll be 4 in June. She still can't have an actual back and forth conversation, but she can certainly speak significantly better than she did. Huge improvement.

One of her IEP goals is actually having her sit and "share joint attention" for something like 90 seconds. I've also seen a great deal of improvement with this as well. As I wrote above, she's a runner. This activity has helped with that somewhat.. though, I'm not letting go of that hand anytime soon. Barnes and Nobles seems to be her sensory overload Achilles' heel. If I let go of her hand in there, she'll literally run away from me, waving her arms over head, while screaming. So, good progress... but a lot more to go.

I know they've been working with her on potty training as well. It's something I'm going to try and work with her on during summer break, too. There seems to be a disconnect with her that I don't really understand. She actually understands every single step of " going potty", but she just doesn't actually do it. The IEP goal right now is for her to at least tell an adult whether her diaper is wet of dry. My understanding is that 5 years old is the autism potty training sweet spot...but we'll see how that goes.

So, on C's last day of school, I'm just writing this post, drinking a lot of coffee, and bracing myself for all the new services that should be starting this summer.

I'm hoping everyone has a productive and fun summer this year. Hopefully with some naps.. lots and lots of naps.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015