Monday, December 8, 2014

You don't need to fear my child

I understand why you're leery of my child. I really do.

While your preschooler is having circle time, my child is jumping up and down and flapping her hands. While you and your child are having a conversation about Frozen, my child is silent. While your child is playing with other children, my child is watching, jumping, and making high pitch sounds of enthusiasm.

I understand your fear of my child. I sincerely do. I just wish you wouldn't make it so obvious.

When you meet my child, please don't hug your child closer to you in fear. Please don't beg your child to "be careful" when she chooses to approach my daughter. Please don't avoid eye contact with me like you're embarrassed for me. Please don't treat my child like she's contagious.

My child is not violent. She's different than your child, but she's still very much the same.

Like your child, my daughter loves cartoons. She loves any cartoon pig she can find. She loves Lilo and Stitch. She knows who the Bubble Guppies are. She's very fond of Mickey Mouse.

Like your child, my daughter would love nothing more than to dine on a cuisine of milk, goldfish, and lollipops. She knows who Santa Claus is. She enjoys dressing up for Halloween, even if I have to pick her costume out for her.

Like your child, she wants to fit in. She desperately wants to be around other children. She just doesn't communicate in the same way your child does. She wants to watch your children. She wants to learn from them. Please allow her.

Yes, my child is a little different than yours. That's okay. It's okay to be different. It's okay to allow your young children to ask questions about my daughter. It's okay to allow them to play with her. It's okay for them to talk to her. It's okay for your children to hug her, or to hold her hand.

Please don't fear my child. You don't have to.

I promise.

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