Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello, France!

So.... apparently, I'm somewhat popular in France?

Well, this is intriguing. That would be like Bill Gate visiting a blog I made about how to turn on a computer. I mean, I can try to post something in French... not that I'd know what I was typing. Remember, I'm an arrogant American- they don't teach us multiple languages in School... because, you know- Merica! YEAH!

In all seriousness, those of you from France- do I live up to the stereotype of the "typical American"? I've heard that other countries find us (Americans) to be friendly, but obnoxious and loud. I've also heard that we smile too much? I never thought about that before it was brought to my attention, but we do smile quite a bit. It's kind of... ingrained into our society here.

Anywho, thanks for visiting me, and feel free to tell me what you think about the above, or the blog in general. Or you can share if you're laughing with me, or about me, or at me. I won't cry about it... until bedtime.

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