Thursday, February 7, 2013

No Bedtime!

Mama Crazycakes: Okay, C, time for bed.
C: NO!

I was NATURALLY caught off guard. I've never had my 20 month old tell me "no". Of course, as a good mother should, I sat her down across from me IMMEDIATELY and we "discussed" why she needed to go to bed. I rationally explained to her why it's important to have a bedtime every night and the importance of routine. She then took shook her little head in understanding, we had a BIG hug, and I gently put her to bed where she went to bed immediately.

Haha... I'm joking. None of that crap happened. I ignored her and made her go to sleep anyway. She made some really annoying noises for a few minutes, flailed her arms and legs to stay awake, and then finally gave up and fell asleep.

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