Friday, February 8, 2013


I never noticed this before..probably because I don't stare at them lovingly, but I noticed today that Playtex tampons have "inspirational" messages on their wrappers. The statements read as, "play hard always" and "focus on the positive".

First, if I'm chilling with Playtex, the only thing I'm going to "play hard" at is overeating or possibly changing the channel on my TV to the Golden Girls or the Hallmark channel. Just saying, I'm only going to be "playing hard" at being lazy if I can help it.

Second... focus on the positive? I have some suggestions for Playtex about some true inspirational quotes that I think might serve women better. Maybe messages such as:

Almost over!
Only another 35 years or less until menopause!
Good job on dodging that bullet this month!
At least he'll let you sleep tonight!
Please enjoy this complimentary chocolate bar attached!

I think these statements would be FAR more inspirational, at least to me.

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