Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ipods for toddlers

This is my C playing with an Ipod. That's right, my 19 month old child has her own Ipod. Cue the indignation and comments about how it's stupid to buy a young child something like that. Tell me that you prefer children to have imagination. Then take her for a stroll in a mall one day without it and see what happens. Maybe take her out to eat and leave the Ipod at home. Then come back and tell me how stupid it is.

The truth of the matter is that my little lamb goes out and runs around like I just spoon-fed her a pound of sugar in the backseat of our car. In addition to her fondness of dirty people, she has a wanderlust which takes the form of running like her ass is on fire. I found myself doing something that I never thought I'd have to.. I bought her a baby leash. Let's just be honest, that's exactly what it is. Sure they try to make it cute by saying it's a backpack, but it's a harness with a leash attached. I got her the "monkey backpack" which just happened to have a harness. You know what it looks like? A leash for my kid with a toy monkey attached to the back. Don't let the manufacturers sugarcoat it, your kid is wearing a leash. Accept it.

So back to the Ipod. C has been memorized from day one by daddy crazycakes' Iphone. It's like baby manna fell from the sky just for her. She loved it so much that daddy crazycakes started putting apps on it just for her and a crazy thing started happening.. she figured out how to use it. She can run through that Iphone like an old pro. She learned how to take pictures of herself, which she does all the time because she's a ham, and she knew what apps were for what. We also noticed two other things, she learned words off the apps.. and she would take time out of her baby aerobics routine everyday and SIT DOWN. So, an idea was born and we bought her her own Ipod for Christmas.

You know that jackalope kid that runs around restaurants tearing napkins off the table while screaming at the top of their lungs? That's not my kid anymore (not usually anyway). She'll be the kid sitting in her highchair eating french fries while watching SuperWhy on her Ipod. I tell you it's a Christmas present for her, but really it was a more of a present for daddy crazycakes and myself.

Is this lazy parenting? Meh.. probably, but my kid knows her way around electronics and knows most of the alphabet so I'll lazy it up some more. Besides, mama crazycakes needs her online time.

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